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Yoga, hypnosis, dance – if any of these inspire you, use them to get you physical. If that’s what it takes to start getting you on track, so be it.

Also look around and see if you can gain strength from others in your circle.

You might have a friend who’s quit smoking through hypnosis and that might start you thinking, “Maybe I can lose weight by that process? Maybe it’d suit me to do that?”. Maybe you should seek that out.

You might have a friend who has great ideas for healthy cuisine, or you might have a friend who wants a ‘partner’ – so work through the cellulite reduction program together.

Family and friends are a constant source of ideas and strength. They will inspire you and help you when you need them most.


• Good exercise and good diet should be the heart of your cellulite reduction program,

• Add to this a sporting interest.

• Take herbal cellulite reduction tablets too, if you are so inclined. And it doesn’t end there

• New technology and the New Age have a whole new range of other ways to keep you in good condition and in a good frame of mind.



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You don’t play sport to get fit. You get fit to play your sport.

All sport has got to be good for cellulite loss because the exertion will get your circulation going.

The difference between sport and exercise is that a sport requires winning. And a lot of people will rise to the occasion.

Sport requires and provides:

• Technical skills and ability,

• Physical conditioning to cope with the stresses of continuous activity,

• A competitive ‘will to win’ frame of mind,

• A lot of fun, enjoyment and accomplishment which is shared ‘ with others, and

• A few disappointments when you may lose a game or sustain an injury.

Good physical conditioning attained through exercise and stretching will enhance your natural skills needed in various sporting activities and help protect you against injury.

You don’t play sport to get fit; you get fit to play sport!

I hope that you learn to enjoy at least one sport because, coupled with an exercise program, playing sport is a fun way to maintain your fitness and really shift cellulite.

Best of all, sport motivates you to exercise, knowing that with every effort you’re building yourself up physically so that you can beat that other team – or better yourself.

I’d like to see you find a sport that suits you, and make it one of your ‘hobbies’. That means you learn about it, strive to improve and play often. I prefer active sports, like tennis, snow skiing, trail bike riding and netball. But that’s just me.

You may prefer golf, swimming, lawn bowls or 10-Pin bowling. They are all good for you, and once you start to look into it you will see that there are more sports than you think being played in your area. Many are looking for numbers to make up a team.

Don’t misunderstand me; I’m not suggesting you rush out and join a women’s football team overnight! You’ve got to learn to exercise first, and get fit. When you do, you might find yourself in the mood to get involved in the sporting life, no matter what your age.



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• Makes the heart larger and stronger.

• Helps grow more blood vessels (capillaries) in and around the muscles.

• Improves the ability of the blood to carry more oxygen.

• Improves the ability of the muscle cells to produce energy.

• Improves the ability of the muscle to neutralise or eliminate damage and fatigue.

• Improves the ability of the muscle and liver to store appropriate fuels, particularly glycogen.

• Improves the ability of the body to recruit more muscle cells to produce more strength.

Menial strength is a by-product of regular exercise, because the discipline, routine and positive outlook strengthens your resolve.

I’m different from, other trainers. I believe that it is more important to exercise even- day than longer stretches three times a week. I a/so believe that an exercise program without weight training is incomplete.

Twenty minutes every day is better than spending an hour or two infrequently.



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“There’s no doubt about it,” says Australia’s best selling business author Jack Collis, author of Yes You Can, “When it comes to self-evaluation we simply sell ourselves short. You are smarter, stronger, more creative and more talented than you believe you are. The vast majority of us never come anywhere near applying the reservoir of potential within us.”

Protect your renewed self image. Don’t joke about it. Don’t let others joke either. Remember, you are undertaking a serious and rigorous program. It will be demanding. It will also be rewarding. Don’t let other people sabotage you. If people nickname you ‘Podges’ or ‘Tubby’ – certainly don’t wear it. People who do that are deliberately attempting to bring you down. Don’t let them.


Don’t ‘shame’ yourself into it

Strip off naked. Stand in front of a mirror and study your physique. Ask yourself: what don’t I like about my body? Also consider what you do like about it, and if you’re not too sure -what does your partner like about it? I’m sure you get told.

Be critical, but don’t be ashamed of your body. You’ve simply allowed yourself to get out of condition, now you’ve got to get back to where you really feel comfortable about your physical self.

Some overweight people say, “I’m happy with myself”, but are they being truthful? Do they honestly prefer being overweight? If you can’t be truthful to yourself, it’s going to be difficult to make progress, isn’t it?



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Take stock of your cellulite solution and plan it. It won’t go away by itself – that’s already been proved.

• Jot down your goals

Your goals will surely change as you change. Furthermore, when you start on any course of action, you really don’t have sufficient information to predict how you will be affected along the way.

But jot down your goals anyway. It is important to have both a starting point and a direction. Flick to the back of your diary and write down precisely in point form a statement of what you would like to achieve and how much time you are prepared to put into it.

• Visualisation

1. close your eyes and visualise yourself as you would like to be. Let your imagination roam and let your mind’s eye settle on a picture of your ideal self.

Make sure it is you who you are visualising, not a role model, a super model or somebody else.

The real contest is always between what you’ve done and what you’re capable of doing. You must measure yourself against yourself, and nobody else.

You can open your eyes now.

Wow! That was a very attractive person!

You can be that very person.

Yes, you can!

That possibility is not in doubt.

Planning and goal setting are the tools you need. Keeping your dream alive is the fuel. And your mindset is the determinant. Everything starts in the mind.

2. Here is a second visualisation: imagine yourself in 20 years time. Imagine: (a) if you do get rid of the cellulite, and (b) if you don’t.

Also imagine (a) if you do get healthy, and (b) if you don’t.