Now stop.
Just don’t take any more of the drug. Say ‘No’ to yourself and to your using or drinking friends. It’s as simple as that. Concentrate with every fibre of your being on not taking the next fix, pill, smoke or drink.
Do that NOW.
(Or, if you are on a programme of cutting down tranquillisers, make sure that the next pill is the’ right cut-down dose as part of the programme. Tranquilliser addicts and barbiturate addicts reading this chapter will need to bear in mind that the abrupt stop which all other addicts should be doing does not apply to them. Alcoholics, too, must remember that abruptly stopping, without any medication for withdrawal, can be dangerous.)
The first few hours and days are not going to be easy. However, you will get through them successfully if you practise the skills of Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous. These are truly lifeline mental tricks, designed to keep you clean and sober despite the pain of withdrawal.


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