Mrs. H. Kaur had itching trouble in her armpits. Whenever she went near the kitchen fire for cooking food, her itching increased. She feared nearing the kitchen fire and yet she had to do the cooking herself.
A combination of Cherry Plum (to overcome unbearable itching) and Mimulus (to cover the fear element) given T.D.S. for one month gave her much relief. Fear element had subsided completely, although some itching remained for which Cherry Plum alone was continued for another month to give her complete relief. With the advent of the next summer, the itching started and with it the fear that this itching would increase as in the previous year.
Now it was a case of repetition of itching and not of unbearable itching.
Therefore a combination of White Chestnut (for repetition of trouble) and Mimulus (for fear) given T.D.S for 1 week relieved the trouble.
Thereafter, White Chestnut alone was continued T.D.S for another 4 weeks to finish the repetitive tendency of the ailment.

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