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It is a statistical fact that very few addicts or alcoholics manage to give up drugs or alcohol without some kind of support system. Drugs or drink have been so important in their lives that when they stop using them there is a great gap in their way of life. Something has to take its place.
‘I stopped lots of times,’ recalls William, a recovering addict who has been clean and happy for three years. ‘Each time stopping became harder, and the gaps between not using and using became shorter. I found that as the withdrawals got worse, I got more practised at handling them.
‘But it was after the withdrawals – that was the worst. There was a sort of black hole in my life, a feeling of “What the hell’s the point?” I’d get two or three weeks clean of withdrawals and be such a mess as a person that I’d go back to using.’
Addicts or alcoholics who try just to carry on, without putting anything in the place of drugs or alcohol, eventually fail. Sooner or later almost all of them go back to drugs or drinking.
After all, if chemical dependence is an illness, it needs some kind of extra care. If you went into hospital for an appendix removal, it would be madness to discharge yourself directly you came to after the operation. You simply wouldn’t be well enough to plunge straight back into normal life. And besides, it would be crazy to try and take out the stitches yourself.
It is just the same with drug dependence. You are going to need proper after-care.
So if you want to get well, you are going to need help.



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Extreme mental tension and irritability caused by persistent bad situation in which the sufferer feels helpless. He may develop muscular tension and pain therefrom.
Impatience remedy provides the necessary patience to wait and watch the progress of the rescue effort in the emergency cases.
Rescue remedy has been found very useful as a First Aid assistance to a person involved in a serious road accident or any sudden mishap and any doctor would be well-advised to keep a phial of Rescue Remedy always with him.
In case of the sufferer having lost consciousness in an accident, the Rescue Remedy in water – a few drops in a glass of water – may be applied to the lips, the gums, behind the ears and on the wrist of the person.
Dr. Krishnamcorthy has cited several cases treated by Rescue Remedy:
1) A baby fell off a table, was crying like hell and had a large bump on the head.
Rescue Remedy put on his lips and on the bump gave immediate relief.
2) A girl got sudden terrible period pains while travelling in a bus. A dose of Rescue Remedy gave immediate relief.
3) A child suddenly awoke from sleep at night and cried because he felt choked because of sudden nose block. A dose of Rescue Remedy brought immediate relief. We give Rescue Remedy in globule form to young mothers for infants or small children who cry but cannot tell what is the trouble with them – whether it is colic pain in stomach or earache or some nightmare.


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Mrs. H. Kaur had itching trouble in her armpits. Whenever she went near the kitchen fire for cooking food, her itching increased. She feared nearing the kitchen fire and yet she had to do the cooking herself.
A combination of Cherry Plum (to overcome unbearable itching) and Mimulus (to cover the fear element) given T.D.S. for one month gave her much relief. Fear element had subsided completely, although some itching remained for which Cherry Plum alone was continued for another month to give her complete relief. With the advent of the next summer, the itching started and with it the fear that this itching would increase as in the previous year.
Now it was a case of repetition of itching and not of unbearable itching.
Therefore a combination of White Chestnut (for repetition of trouble) and Mimulus (for fear) given T.D.S for 1 week relieved the trouble.
Thereafter, White Chestnut alone was continued T.D.S for another 4 weeks to finish the repetitive tendency of the ailment.