People with BDD didn’t receive more than one third of all the treatments they requested. And they didn’t receive more than half of all the surgeries they requested. The most common reason is that the physician considered the treatment unnecessary (because the person looked fine) and didn’t provide it. So many people had to see a lot of doctors before they could find one who would finally agree to provide the requested treatment.
It can be very difficult, though, to turn down requests for surgery or other medical treatment. Some people with BDD suffer so greatly that it can be very hard to deny them the treatment they so desperately seek. “The doctors and they couldn’t turn me down because I was so miserable.” Another man said, “I can’t believe the doctor did liposuction because now I know I look fine. But I was so unhappy back then that he gave in and did it.”
One man thought he looked like an “alien” and believed he was the third ugliest person in the world (after Gomer Pyle and Tiny Tim). He’d gone to 3 dermatologists and 3 dentists, none of whom agreed to treat him. He’d also seen 16 plastic surgeons, all of whom turned him down. One surgeon told him that if he got all the surgery he wanted, he’d look “mutilated.” Finally, the 17th surgeon agreed to do a nose job, but the patient hated the result so much that he sued the surgeon. When I saw him he was so desperate for more surgery that he was planning to get into a massive car accident that would destroy his entire face.

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