Moving house

This results in an upheaval for the whole family, especially the child. Parents need to prepare the child for the move, emphasising its positive aspects. Reassure the child that he will be able to maintain contact with all his old friends (provided this is possible, of course). For some time after the move, depending on the age of the child, he may feel a little insecure in his new surroundings. He may have separation anxiety about his parents or may want a night light kept on. It is important for parents to provide reassurance and support at this time.

This is stressful for a child at any age. He will have to get used to a new school environment and teacher, as well as leaving old friends and making new ones. Parents need to support the child during this time, and keep emphasising the positive aspects of the move.

Going away on holiday

Some children will find going on holiday stressful because of the change in routine. There will be a different environment, a different room, a different bed. Younger children may be insecure for a while. They should be encouraged to take a well-loved cuddly doll or bear, or a selection of favourite toys or books.


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