These games do not stay in the same stage as do the common sexual games, but rather evolve through two stages. The first stage comprises games that address a particular symptom with their typical underlying fixations. These games, which encompass most of the chapters in this book, include everything from “Games for Bored Couples” to “Games for Unat-tracted Couples.” The games are to be repeated as often as necessary until a couple feel that they have accomplished their purposes, which we assume have to do with revitalizing their interest in sex, their sexual passion, and their commitment and love for each other.

The second stage is made up of “Games to Restore Tenderness.” Again, these games should be repeated as often as necessary until tenderness is revived. Once tenderness is rekindled in their marriage, couples find that they become more adjusted and tolerant and easygoing with other people, developing a “fellow-feeling” toward humanity that might have been lacking before, or which they might have had but not with much emotional intensity. (Note that the intense feelings that individuals have for religious or social causes are not to be confused with fellow-feeling, which consists of acceptance of all people, regardless of their views.)


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