Prior to the 1950s, therapists most frequently met with couples in which the husband was too aggressive and the wife too passive. Nowadays, perhaps due to changes in social values, we more frequently encounter couples among whom the reverse is true. Pierre Mornell, a clinical psychologist, wrote a book about this latter syndrome, giving it the humorous title Passive Men and Wild Women.

A patient I have treated for a while is involved in the latter-type marriage. Her husband, a devout Quaker, appears to be the perfect mate. In many ways he is very attentive to her: He cooks wonderful meals, does windows, is handy around the house, and never loses his temper. He believes he is a spiritual and concerned person. Twice a day he meditates, and often he goes away on meditation retreats. Yet—despite all this—my patient continually feels furious toward him, and even finds herself saying sarcastic things to him in front of people at parties, causing them to Wonder (sometimes aloud) how come this nice guy puts up with such a monstrous mate. And every other month, she explodes, throws whatever she can grab at him, and pummels him with her fists.


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