Effectiveness Chart 2 on-It tells you how many pregnancies we’d expect not only because the method failed to do its job, as in Chart 1, but also because the users of the method failed to use the method consistently and properly. The pregnancy rates given in Chart 2 are based on studies of real people who, as you know, sometimes make mistakes. Of course, for any given couple, a method might work better or worse than the figures in Chart 2 indicate, depending on how careful or how careless they are.

Effectiveness Chart 2-In a typical group of 100 women using the method for a year, there are usually:

• none or only 1 pregnancy out of 100 injectable contraceptive users;

• about 1 to 7 pregnancies out of 100 combined-pill users;

• about 2 to 4 pregnancies out of 100 mini-pill users;

• about 2 to 4 pregnancies out of 100 IUD users;

• from 2 to 15 pregnancies out of 100 condom users;

• from 2 to 15 pregnancies out of 100 diaphragm or cap users;

• from 3 to 16 pregnancies out of 100 contraceptive foam users;

• from 7 to 24 pregnancies out of 100 Natural Family Planning users.


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